ACRE releases Tuscaloosa Housing Guide

Photo credit: Bryan Davis

ACRE releases Tuscaloosa Housing Guide

Topics: Residential Real Estate

Markets: Tuscaloosa Area

The Alabama Center for Real Estate is excited to announce the release of the first Tuscaloosa Housing Guide. 

The Tuscaloosa Housing Guide provides detailed housing information for those looking to connect to the local real estate market. 

This Tuscaloosa Housing Guide is a direct result of the continued support from the Tusaloosa Association of Realtors and the ACRE Local Alliance-Tuscaloosa

"The heart of ACRE is advancing relationships," said ACRE Executive Director Grayson Glaze. "Our aim is to provide servant leadership with a passionate, adaptable and humble spirit. Impact matters, and we are organized to deliver resources that will enhance Alabama’s real estate industry for years to come. We hope you nd the guide useful and enjoy your experience while calling Tuscaloosa 'home.'”

The housing guide gives a five-year picture of housing data from the Tuscaloosa area, including home sales, prices and inventory, among other key statistics.

Click here to read the Tuscaloosa Housing Guide