John Coley

Tips for Sellers

There are two sides to every real estate transaction, obviously. So what about the sellers?

Your Seawall is Alive

John seeks out an alleged insentient thing that lives around Lake Martin to have a conversation.

Giving Thanks for 2018

This past year at Lake Martin, and the real estate market specifically, has been one of many blessings.

Rivalry, Righteousness, and Rookies

Before dispensing “wisdom” to another person, the wise person will look in the mirror and tell the person in it to listen up.

Rook, Rain, and Russell Pool

Can I appeal to you to remember that there are many positives of a more modern lake? When businesses can sustain themselves, all reap the benefits of their services. 

8 Track, Cassette, or CD?

Thirty years of progress in fields like selfie stick invention and emoji curation have been wonderful for humankind, but it has not improved on the fact that real estate schools still ...

Advancing Relationships.