Our Story


ACRE, housed within the UA's Culverhouse College of Commerce, collects, maintains and analyzes the state’s real estate statistics, and is a trusted resource for Alabama real estate research, forecasting, and professional development that includes hosting our annual Alabama Commercial Real Estate Conference & Expo (ACREcon). The relationship between the Center and our industry stakeholders is one of the Center's greatest strengths. Alabama companies and individuals partner with the Center bringing a wealth of resources and experiences, becoming, in effect, extensions of the Center, a network through which our outreach to the Alabama real estate industry is enhanced and enriched.

The Center, established in 1996, proudly acts as an industry liaison for the benefit of our business school students pursuing a career in real estate and is a catalyst for providing interaction with our 1,400+ real estate alumni. UA’s real estate program began "touching lives" over 80 years ago and has experienced explosive enrollment growth since 2000.

Guiding Principles

The Advisory Board of the Alabama Center for Real Estate, with the advice and concurrence of the Dean of the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration, has adopted the following guiding principles for the Center for Real Estate:

  1. Dissemination and interpretation of new knowledge
    (e.g., laws, regulations, and technology impacting the real estate industry): The Center will aggressively provide education and seminars to industry stakeholders and will establish an industry reputation for leadership.

  2. Real estate forecasting:
    The Center for Real Estate will identify gaps in forecasting and tracking of real estate trends and will establish a credible reputation as a source of real estate forecasts for the region and its sub-markets.

  3. Real estate research:
    Scholarly research, under the auspices of the Center for Real Estate, will be focused on projects with broad and direct impact upon industry stakeholders.

  4. Provision of data resources and publications:
    The Center for Real Estate will ensure that it continually provides high quality, relevant and valuable products and services to its stakeholders in an efficient and effective manner.

  5. Student support:
    The Center for Real Estate will prioritize training of new talent, focused on real estate, and will always utilize its activities as opportunities to train students and to create and place the resources.